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Announcing Our Brand New BETA Version

Today we are releasing a new BETA version that will change the way you design responsive sites. In addition, your experience while designing in the Webydo Studio just got a huge boost.

The Gist:

Automated Layouts and the Drag Handle are new features that will work together to help you craft responsive sites in half the time. Liquid Elements Groupings, Flexible Panel Docking and Real-time Movements will combine to make your design experience smoother and more intuitive.

The Full Scoop:

Automated Layouts
This new feature enables you to easily reorder layouts and automatically sort elements into columns for multiple device sizes and screen resolutions; it enables responsive design with the click of a button.
- Click the “Automated Layouts” icon located next to the responsive breakpoints in the top panel of the Studio.
- Choose the settings you wish to apply to your design.
- Click ‘OK.’

Drag Handle
This feature helps you to quickly and precisely rearrange your design into layouts suitable for each responsive breakpoint.
- Select one or a group of elements.
- Drag up or down to move all the elements below your selection.

Liquid Element Groupings
You are now able to resize and relocate groups of elements and collectively change their settings. Another exciting aspect of this feature is that you can create parallax animations for bundled elements.

Flexible Panel Docking
This feature allows you to customize your Studio environment. Organize panel elements according to your preference:
- Drag and drop windows from the side panel to stack them together.
- To minimize these design windows, drag and drop back into the side panel.
- Your last arrangement will be automatically saved.

Real-time Canvas Interaction
This update allows you to see how elements interact with your design as you scale and move them in real time. The result is an extremely smooth on-canvas experience that will make your workflow more accurate and efficient.

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