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Exporting Site And Hosting Elsewhere

I have exported the code of my sites from the design studio to my computer. Has anyone figured out how to use those files to host sites on a different server? I have several clients who wish to host their sites on servers of their choice. If anyone knows how to use exported website code to host on a different server, please post the method.

Love this tool, and it would be extremely helpful to know exactly how to do this.

I would also respectfully ask the Webydo team to release a tutorial of how to upload exported website code to other servers, as it would give designers a great deal more control over how their designs are implemented on the web. I love that webydo includes hosting in their platform, but not all clients feel comfortable using their servers.

Much appreciated.

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    Hello Nico,

    All of the files are exported together into one zip file.

    One of the folders has the site id ( folder)

    Go inside the folder and open all of them on notepad or any other similar softwares --> find and replace all "../" with "/" and save all files (you should have 4 in total).

    Once everything is replaced, drag all the files outside the folder.

    So you'll have all the folders + the 4 files (delete the webydo folder after you drag them out).

    Zip the whole thing and then upload it on the server.

    If you have more questions, please feel free to contact our support department.

    The Webydo Team

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