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Webydo Updates, What Happened?

Any updates guys? I see a lot of awesome fixes that never happened and I could really use them! A lot of these posted answers from Alana were dated back in 2014, I mean it's been 4 years now. It would be nice to see some of these updates happen! We work in a very fast paced environment and our clients are smarter and more educated to what's possible. They demand features and we have to deliver or we won't be in business for long. I could REALLY use these things done:

1. Blog function needs a serious overhaul - for example I had to manually cut and paste over a 100 blog posts from wordpress to the webydo blog only to find out it changed all the URL's which dead linked everything those blogs had been posted on for years. No auto import or export, no transitions tools what-so-ever. There's also no way to share the blog posts without going through the debugger on FB everytime, no rss feeds, no cross platform integration, etc., etc.. Way behind the times on this and frankly it was embarrassing that I even recommended them using the webydo blog over wordpress. I had dig myself out of hole on that one. Needs work big time, please update!

2. Email integration - this would just be nice, so many things we could do with that including more automation in staying in contact with customers (site users) without having an e-commerce. Webydo is great in very specific and niche ways, but anything out of that box and it is SO much work! In fact, I've been taking online classes so I don't have to use a code free platform anymore because it's seemingly less work than having to deal with constant workarounds and compatibility issues on platforms like these.

3. Landing page support - anything native that can provide better support.

4. Slider with SEO friendly text that is compatible on all platforms

5. New templates - been a while

6. Media browser and file handling - although I don't mind so much having to manually optimize images and graphic elements but it would be nice if I didn't. Currently I finish a website and then bring through the google optimize, then re-upload those images in place of the others. The media browser is just weird. The fact that I have to have all of my images and graphic files on hand to be able to update something makes it harder to travel and work. Beyond that, not being able to replace a file on the media browser or download from it is just a waste of memory imo. It should have this functionality. If I could open a template and download the graphic elements, I can customize that template more efficiently for example.

How's everything going on this front webydo?

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    Gotcha, look forward to it Alana! Side note: I noticed Adobe let go of Muse. Competition must be stiff for non coding design pros?

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    Thank you for your suggestions.

    Auto import for the blog is a great idea, as is the ability to create folders for your URL's so they can match a previous website.

    The best thing to do in these cases is use the 301 redirect option so your old URL's will redirect to the new blog posts.

    The best place to post requests like these is on our participate forum ( that way you get an update when the feature is in development or released.

    We know there have not been many new features or updates lately - our focus was elsewhere. But we are moving back to updates and you should see some new stuff coming soon!

    Head of Support

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