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Gallery - manual slideshow presentation & slider navigation dots

At the moment Webydo gallery has caption & navigation arrows.
Navigation dots are an old thing (most jquery sliders have them), in most cases they look better then arrows and allow you to show how many actual slides you have in the slideshow and also manually show slides by clicking on the corresponding dot.

I have been playing with the 'gallery' slider for a bit but I haven't been able to turn off automatic slides display. You can turn caption animation on /off and set other parameters but you cannot set the slideshow display sequence or turn it off to work manually by just clicking the arrows.

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    Great news! We are currently in the last stages of creating a whole bunch of new gallery options.
    I can't say exactly when they will be released, but it should be very soon!

    As soon as they're out we will let you know!

    The Webydo Team

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