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Customize buttons,Glass,Chrome ,Gold

Its fairly easy to customize the buttons on the site builder.Just download your vector or graphic of the button you want(only works with lozenge or capsule shaped buttons)
1.In the graphics package you'll need to scale things down to match the measurments of the webydo button 100x30pxl and insert it as an image into the button.
2.Adjust the corners get rid of the shadow and stroke settings(that takes the time)..and the text padding setting to 5 will trim things down to the buttons and set the text in the middle.Use the item size tab and scale should have a customized button...took a bit of work but like to see webydo expand on the graphics options to make this easier..

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    We are currently working on creating a rollover feature for buttons on the site.

    Until then, there are two ways to create a button.

    1. Use the menu element
    2. Use the shape and text element

    For more detailed instructions please contact and we will be happy to help you.

    The Webydo Team

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