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    L Bauer commented  · 

    Thanks - I´m looking forward to that.

    L Bauer commented  · 

    I´ve contacted support yesterday, but other than an automated reply, nothing happens.
    What should I expect in terms of time to get back to me?
    I´d really like to get your input, so I can make a decision and get started on my website.

    L Bauer commented  · 

    Thanks, please check your mail.

    L Bauer commented  · 

    Thanks for clarifying.

    One (I hope) last question:
    If I purchase the PRO plan, can I then export my site to host it elsewhere?
    Or do I need a bigger plan to do that?

    Like I said; The builder itself seems awesome - but since I will only use it to create a site that I have more or less ready to finish, and since I don´t sell web design services, it would be overkill for me to pay 90$ (or 75) pr month for what will more or less just be hosting and the ability to make smaller changes and updates here and there.

    I would have no problem paying a premium for an editor that makes my life easier. And I wouldn´t even mind paying 50% more than the alternatives, if your editor is as good as it seems.
    However, I still need to think about finances and weigh my alternatives.

    Perhaps this can be useful input to you when making your decision on your thoughts about another plan below the PRO plan - my guess is I am not the only design savvy client out there who would benefit from your services without actually needing the full agency/we designer package.

    Please let me know.

    L Bauer commented  · 

    Hi Alana,

    Thanks for your reply. That´s appreciated :)
    So, do I understand it correctly, if I conclude that you will NOT offer a "one website" plan again?

    And if so: If I want to work with Webydo, I could then try to contact a Webydo client and pay for the service thru them instead?

    I understand if you want to not have ppl like me as a client. Totally fair and your choice.
    What I don´t quite get, is why you - from a business perspective - wouldn´t want to HAVE clients like me? (Or rather; make it attractive for clients like myself).

    Please let me know if a 1 site plan is possible or not - and if not, I´ll find another solution for my business. Thanks :)

    L Bauer commented  · 

    I just commented on this in another thread. As a potential client - who is blown away by Webydo´s interface and (alleged) possibilities, I am equally blow away by the TOTAL lack of ability to actually LISTEN to your customers - instead of copy-pasting the "I know the pricing looks like an increase at first, but in fact it's not. We created an updated pricing model - we did not raise prices.".

    It´s interesting how everyone - including me - sees this pricing model as an increase, and extremely overpriced and inflexible. I´d like ONE site - so the minimum I have to pay is 75$ x 12 = 900USD a year for a site.
    Im not sure if this is a joke, or if I am just the wrong kind of client for this service.

    FYI: In all fairness, Webydo hasn´t had a chance to reply to my other post. I´m simply both astonished and infuriated by the fact that someone can create SUCH an awesome tool - and then seemingly do everything possible to shoot themselves in the foot, and let greed scare clients away. Boggles my mind.

    I would LOVE to be wrong, as it would be great to work with Webydo for a reasonable and market-relevant price.

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